About PinChecker

PinChecker provides a definitive record of consumer actions by hosting relevant pages and site elements on its own server infra-structure. By controlling the key elements of the consumer journey PinChecker can guarantee faithful and tamper-proof record of consumer actions.

The PinChecker technology has been proven in live commercial services in the UK, and has proved itself as a highly effective, optimum-friction solution.

The service has been approved by UK regulator PhonepayPlus and its applications include:

  • validation of consumer opt-in for purchases and marketing consent
  • independent record of PIN flow transactions
  • adherence to Consumer Contract Regulations (EU, 2014)

Proven, Scalable, Easy to manage

The PinChecker platform is purpose built to match the needs of high volume content delivery and is easy to integrate with merchant flows and systems.

PinChecker is managed via a simple to use control panel, which enables real-time configuration and reporting – for both compliance and marketing purposes.

The service is fully monitored and supported 24x7.